Facial Reflexology

About Facial Reflexology


Born in Vietnam and developed in Italy, Dien Chan Zone fuses ancient Eastern knowledge with modern Western needs.  Though it can be applied anywhere on the body, the face is a reflex zone of the highest order, for two reasons:

  1. Reflexology works with the nervous system.  When applied in proximity to the brain and all the body’s sense organs, results can be much faster than those associated with other reflexologies.
  2. Reflexology is more effective the more consistently it is applied.  The ease of access we have to our faces means this method can be applied in total autonomy, using our hands, anywhere, any time, at zero cost.  It is therefore potent not only as a natural therapy, but also as an effective method of self-care.

The list of ailments which can be treated with this Reflexology is endless, and the often incredible results reflect nothing less than your body’s innate healing power.  Furthermore it does not require belief or expectation in order for it to work.  By following simple instructions everyone can learn to care for themselves with nothing more than their fingers.

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