Energy Healing


About Energy Healing

High frequency healing and working between the realms/ states encompasses working on the natural bio rhythms of the Body ,which are affected by the planetary bodies. By using a unique frequency to your own individual needs it restores your own inner cycles and brings inner conflict and resistance to the surface to be transmuted in violet flame. Deeper self awareness and purpose are triggered, and if worked with regularly brings guaranteed tangible results.
When all aspects of the self are in agreement, anything is possible.
I’ve been working with healing frequencies, plant spirit and crystal essences, shamanic, Druid and underworld traditions for many years which encompasses living faerie traditions and magic, I have developed a individualised remedy system to support the work using all the elements of nature Tthe de-tox process that comes is supported by these remedies, which are crystal, flower, energy based, and are given after the treatment, follow-up sessions and remedies are included in the price which is £70. £40 low cost/ concessions. Sessions last just over an hour and no information is needed. Feedback from work undertaken is condensed and reported afterwards

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