Therapy of the Week: Holistic Massage

Female getting back massage
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What is holistic massage?

Holistic massage forms its basis from Swedish massage techniques. It is a person centred treatment focussing on tailoring the massage to your requirements. Holistic massage can be relaxing and soothing or invigorating and energising. In holistic massage your body is treated as a whole, your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing is taken into account, helping to rebalance the body. Modern day life is often fast paced and hectic, holistic massage gives your body a chance to recharge and your mind to switch off.

What are the benefits of holistic massage?

As well as allowing your body and mind to relax through the application of touch, holistic massage alleviates muscular tension, improves circulation and helps to rid toxins from the body. Holistic massage can give your body and mind space to recharge and therefore improve sleep, anxiety, concentration, energy levels and stress. Other benefits include improvement of skin and muscle tone, relief from stiff joints, increased awareness of breathing, improved digestion and a strengthened immune system.

What will happen during the treatment?

During your first treatment a thorough consultation will be taken and you will be asked about your health, lifestyle and general well being in an open and non-judgemental way. This enables me as the therapist to determine what you would like to get out of the treatment and together decide what the focus of the treatment should be. The rest of the session will be dedicated to the massage itself with a few minutes left at the end for any aftercare recommendations where appropriate.

If you would like to book a holistic massage appointment with Kirsty please contact her on 0784 145 1156 or She has a range of times and days available for appointments.

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