Thai Yoga Massage, Pregnancy Massage, EFT, Postnatal massage

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Say what you pay: 1.5hour Thai Yoga £65-£75, EFT £65-£85/hr, Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage £50-£60/hour

Thai Yoga Massage & Thai Pregnancy Massage

Traditional Northern style Thai Yoga Massage is a wonderful oil free form of clothed massage, performed on a comfortable futon on the floor. Although a very physical massage, its main focus is to work the energy lines of the body and clear any blockages that are causing you physical, mental or emotional trouble. It really pulls you into the body, so as most of us spend the majority of our time buzzing around our minds, it’s a great way to bring some quiet awareness back to the body and totally relax. Not only great for quieting your mind, improving focus and relieving stress, it also has many physical benefits such as body realignment, improved mobility, strength, flexibility and posture to name a few.

Massages last between 1.5- 2.5hours and are tailored to suit your flexibility and current health. Typically, for your therapeutic benefit they should last no less than 1.5hours however modifications can be made to shorten a session to an hour if totally necessary.

This can also be modified into a Thai yoga pregnancy massage to safely accommodate pregnant women in any stage of their journey in wonderful ways that just can’t be done on a table.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT is a powerful therapy based on the use of eastern energy knowledge and western psychology, a combination that allows users to not only access their issues on a mental level but also on a bodily level so they are able to identify and release them efficiently and more often than not, very quickly. Using a 0-10 SUDs (subjective units of distress) rating system to track the progress of the session, it is easy to really see your troubles lessening and lessening from your mind, body and soul.

The process can sometimes be accompanied by physical buzzing sensations, relaxation, tiredness or a feeling of being spaced out. EFT works well for all manner of issues ranging from depression and anxiety, PTSD to phobias, weight issues, physical pains, relationship issues and many, many more. It involves answering a series of questions about your issue so your therapist is able to construct a script for you to follow, and then tapping on various points on your face and upper body as you verbally acknowledge your issue via the script. This is done in a call and response form as your therapist sits opposite and taps the points along with you, and then can go off script as an intuitive flow between you and your therapist.

A great tool to help you understand and gain clarity about you and your life.

PTT – Picture Tapping Technique – For those less willing or able to connect with or verbalise their issues, PTT is a great alternative to traditional EFT. Harnessing the subconscious mind through drawing pictures (no art degree required, scribbles and stickmen most welcome!) and then only needing to tap and verbalise what is actually on the page and not what each part represents, makes this method great to use with both children and adults.

Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

This is an oil based table massage specifically designed to aid pregnant or postnatal women. Used during pregnancy, it focuses on the special needs and problem areas of the mother-to-be as her body goes through many changes. This is a full body massage which gives muma an opportunity to really relax. Usually given in a side lying position, and depending on which trimester can also include prone, supine or semi reclining. Common pregnancy problems such as swollen feet and legs, sinusitis and headaches may be relieved without the use of medicine.

Who is it suitable for?

Massage is acceptable for all expectant mothers at any stage of pregnancy, even from the first trimester. Many people believe massage can be dangerous during the first trimester but it is actually perfectly safe and highly unlikely that a miscarriage would occur due to massage. Many mothers receive massage while they are unaware they are pregnant and no harm comes to them or the pregnancy. Often used in the later stages of the third trimester to encourage the birth to begin if mum is getting past her due date, elimination pressure points would need to be pressed and held firmly for a good length of time for any harm to occur in the earlier stages of pregnancy.

It is a wonderfully comforting experience to be massaged by caring hands when you are in the early stages, especially if your pregnancy wasn’t planned and has come as a bit of a shock which can be stressful. Unless you are deemed majorly high risk, we are happy to invite you into our space and onto our table to give you some precious you time as we support you on your journey to birth.

What is post natal massage?

Post-natal massage helps to relax and re balance the body after the major experience of childbirth. Again a window of relaxation for the mother, which is solely for her. With a doctors consent you are able to begin postnatal massage from 2-3 weeks post partum although generally 4-6weeks. Mum is encouraged to leave baby at home for her own benefit and relaxation, but if you can’t be apart, baby is more than welcome to join us. Also great to aid in c-section scar reduction.

A few examples of the benefits of pregnancy and postnatal massage are:

  • Encourages relaxation and reduces tension and anxiety
  • It helps increase circulation and mobility avoiding/relieving calf cramps
  • Reduces swellings and eases tense muscles
  • Stress relief on weight bearing joints eg ankles, pelvis
  • Neck and back pain relief
  • Natural relief for headache and sinus congestion
  • Supports mums body to be in better shape and have a smoother birth experience
  • Helps realign body after birth
  • Aids normalisation of body fluids post partum
  • Can reduce scar tissue
  • Gives mum a space to voice things she may not feel able to else where
  • Relaxed mums tend to have more relaxed babies
  • Helps mum maintain a sense of self care so as not to feel she is lost to her new role of constantly caring for someone else