Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massagewith Melanie Grundmann
Phone: 077 17240153
Say what you pay: £40-£50

Throughout your pregnancy you may find the changes in your hormones, emotions and physical body lead to various symptoms and aches and pains. Maybe it’s time to try a relaxing pregnancy massage.

This treatment is adjusted to suit your situation and your stage of pregnancy, it can help to improve circulation, ease aches and pains, and promote relaxation all of which help to relieve stress and give you a better night’s sleep.

We perform the massage with you laying on your side supported by pillows so you are comfortable throughout the treatment.

At each treatment we’ll run through a specific pregnancy checklist to ensure that we are covering any potential contraindications or reasons why we shouldn’t continue with the massage. You are able to have massage from your second trimester until your due date.

If you have any specific symptoms that you are concerned about you should speak with your Doctor or Midwife prior to treatment.

Pregnancy massage treatments can also be combined with acupuncture, where appropriate, to help ease the symptoms that come with the changes to your body.