Hot Stone Massage

with Jenny Jones
Phone: 07504 126258
Say what you pay: £40-£65

Hot Stone Massage uses heated, smooth, flat, natural basalt stones with oils. The heat warms and relaxes the muscles and the therapist then uses a combination of her hands and the stones in a series of different massage strokes. Each kind of movement works differently on the muscles to relax, soothe, invigorate, stretch or stimulate. The stones will often be placed back on the body and left for a short period of time during the treatment.

Hot Stone Massage can support and optimise health and well being and soothe everyday stresses. At Pamplemousse Massage Therapy for women, the routine and pressure is adjusted to suit each client, to maximise the benefits. There is a very good reason that Hot Stone Massage has been used generation after generation across many different cultures – it is a truly wonderful experience!