Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish massage

A gently flowing and relaxing massage that revives tired muscles and sluggish circulation by raising the oxygen level, and reducing toxins within the muscles. Life’s stresses and strains are smoothed away and replaced with an acute heightened sense of immense wellbeing and luxurious relaxation, which makes it perfect for anyone.

Deep tissue massage

In deep tissue massage, the focus is more targeted on the deeper layers of the muscles, into the embedded chronic or pulled muscle tension and deep-rooted knots, where the softer Swedish massage cannot reach. Deep tightly bound muscle fibres and the surrounding areas are worked on to increase muscle flexibility and loosen tension.

Privacy and peace is paramount and I like to make you comfortable in the room before leaving it to allow you a few moments to undress (underwear may be worn). There will be a large towel to cover yourself with before you let me know it is ok to re-enter the room.

The towel is draped and gently folded over in sections to expose only the areas being massaged, in stages. This preserves your modesty and minimises the exposure of unworked body areas so they remain warm and relaxed.