Rachel Musson

Website: www.makealittlespace.co.uk
Email: rachel@makealittlespace.co.uk
Phone: 07969 329 572

Rachel has an eclectic background in bodywork, and draws on this range of interests to create treatments that incorporate detailed soft tissue work and stretches that addresses postural imbalances in the body. She tailors her knowledge of a broad range of techniques to create a treatment to suit each individual client. She enjoys finding solutions to problems on the couch by drawing on her knowledge as a yoga teacher. Rachel has seen the huge benefits that regular massage has had in her own life and in those of her clients and is a firm believer that bodywork has something to offer people from all walks of life.

Rachel trained as a yoga teacher and has traveled to Thailand to study Thai massage. She has also gained skills in Tui Na massage and is engaged in ongoing studies in CORE myofascial release and structural integration with Noah Karrasch. She completed her Level 5 Diploma in SRMT at the North London School of Sports Massage, is a member of the Sports Massage Association (SMA) and is registered with the CNHC.

Rachel is also a musician, and she is particularly keen to offer affordable treatments to musicians who are looking for ways to improve their performance, reduce pain brought on by postural issues or address the psychological stresses on performing.