Gulie Ismail

Phone: 07765887353

Hello, I’m Gulie. Growing up I was quite a shy girl with a natural caring instinct and at 16 I originally trained to take care of my first love, animals. It was during this training that I began to develop more of a love for people and discovered my introversion doesn’t equal shyness. After gaining more confidence in people, I soon became a baby nanny alongside training and practising as a therapist.
Very lucky to have had two jobs that I love from an early age, I’m now hanging up my nanny boots to focus on the therapy work and help people in other ways. Helping families raise their babies all this time has only served to deepen my naturally nurturing nature and my awe of parents, and I’ve been steadily gaining skills and experience since 2011 to joyfully bring you a world of relaxation, clarity, support, confidence and emotional freedom. My signature reiki infused Thai Yoga Massage is an art I’ve passionately been cultivating for nearly seven years and over the last two years have excitedly been sharing through teaching. Having found teaching to be another great passion as I sadly leave the world of nannying, I decided to combine the two and am happily training to be a baby massage and baby yoga instructor too, with the hopes of running classes to help dads bond with their infants!

I feel it is so important to find and cultivate connection, to ourselves, our children and our community both verbally and through the language of touch and it is my humble pleasure to be a guide for those who feel they’ve come loose from this connection or are looking to enhance it.

In my spare time I like to go on bike rides by the canals, and to teach myself Spanish – because speaking this other language makes me feel like I have a really useful superpower which I intend to use for future projects. I also enjoy being crafty and knitting little creations for my niece and nephews and I like to watch inspirational Japanese cartoons with hidden messages, because we all need a little support and inspiration to stay on track and follow our dreams from time to time.