Sundip Balraj Singh Aujla

Say what you pay: £45-60

Therapies Offered:

I studied Osteopathy at Leeds University where I graduated with a Master of Osteopathy degree.

Whilst at university, I conducted a masters research project into Osteopath perspectives on the methods that are available to them for gaining a perspective of a patients pain experience. This enabled me to gain insight into the psychology of patients and practitioners regarding the subject of pain.

I am a specialist in musculoskeletal injuries, using a structural and functional approach to treatment. I have experience of treating a diverse range of patients, from city office workers with postural-dysfunctions to performance athletes such as Team Great Britain Powerlifters and artists such as musicians from the BBC symphony orchestra.

I have a particular interest in pregnancy, combining Osteopathic care with Pilates in the pre and postnatal stages. I am also passionate about working with the elderly to help improve their confidence in movement, strength and flexibility to ensure the body is functioning at it’s optimum.

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