Emily Constantinidi

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Aromatherapy massage treatments
90-minute sessions: £70-95
60-minute follow-on sessions: £50-75
30-minute consultation for bespoke blending: £20-30
Bespoke blends: price depending on product type and size (please be in touch for further details)
60-minute DCZ facial reflexology: £45-65

Therapies Offered:
Emily Constantinidi

Emily holds a diploma in Essential Oil Science from Neal’s Yard Courses and is an Aromatherapist, registered with the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA).  She completed her training, along with training as a Dien Chan Zone Operator (a Facial Reflexology technique), while working for an artist, coordinating sculpture production and international exhibitions.  Aromatherapy continues to shift her life towards a different balance; making time and space for a more intuitive, present, grounded experience, after over a decade in the dynamic and exhilarating contemporary art world.

A De Beauvoir resident for over nine years, Emily is originally from Somerset and has always felt a deep connection to nature, and remembers exploring the world through aroma since early childhood.  Following a fascination of how things work, she embarked on a science education and holds a Master of Pharmacy.  However, the career path beyond wasn’t the right fit and she returned to study, and then work, in the arts.

Growing up, Emily first came into contact with holistic therapies in her early teens when struggling to overcome illness while competing in rowing at a high level.  She is hugely grateful for the support they offered her then, and since.  With her personal experience, combined with time within the NHS during her Pharmacy training, she has a strong sense of how a holistic approach can complement mainstream, allopathic care.

Emily is passionate about providing support for modern life; for those living in such a busy, intense – and sometimes disconnected – city as London.  Where appropriate, she works with individual clients to empower them with their own self-care beyond the therapeutic setting.  This may include the offer of simple rituals using personal blends of essential oils at home or on the go.  In the case of DCZ Facial Reflexology treatments, a personal, annotated map is drawn up at the end of each session to allow each client to continue at home, working over zones of the face with a fingertip or knuckle, to stimulate reflex points of a particular body system daily (for ideally 21 days), so continuing to promote balance and health beyond the one-to-one session.

Therapy offered –

Initial Aromatherapy sessions are 90 minutes and include a consultation (before bespoke blending and hands on treatment).  Follow up treatments of 60 or 90 minutes are available.  All pregnancy massage sessions are 90 minutes.

Bespoke essential oil blending

A consultation is required before a bespoke blend can be formulated.  If a consultation has not previously been completed for a treatment, then this is scheduled either in person or over Skype.

Dien Chan Zone facial reflexology treatment

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