Bilber Kaur

Say what you pay: £40-£60

Therapies Offered:

I have always been interested in approaching life with a degree of calmness to overcome difficult situations. I was introduced to Reiki by a colleague whilst I was a Primary School teacher in a challenging school. I felt very drawn to it’s gentle yet powerful presence and decided to learn this particular skill of natural healing. I studied to Teacher level under two renowned Indian Master Teachers.

I have always been drawn to community education and health so decided do create my practice as both a private and community based initiative. I have a special interest in mental health and have worked for two charities that help in this area. I have also enjoyed working with mothers throughout their pregnancy with Reiki.

I am an active member of the UK Reiki Federation and was recently given the 2018 Pioneering award for developing Reiki in deprived and vulnerable communities. I am passionate about bringing healing through Reiki and mindfulness to all regardless of background or income.

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