Is it time for you to find a new direction?

Hello and Welcome to The Stepping Stones May blog

walk-into-stepping-stonesI’m Ian the Hypnotherapist here at The Stepping Stones Project. Now I could ask you to relax and slowly count down from 10 to 1. However, May is National Walking Month, so I’m going to ask you to walk a little more. Just adding a few more steps each day will add up and produce positive results.

One positive is being more alert. Many work places have lunchtime walking groups. The walkers have noticed an increased alertness and productivity on the afternoons they have enjoyed a little lunchtime stroll.

Do you need a few more positives? Besides being more alert walking has many more benefits, such as:

  • It helps keep you thin
  • It reduces your blood pressure
  • It can lower cholesterol
  • It reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • It reduces the risk of breast and colon cancer
  • It reduces the risk of dementia
  • It reduces the risk of osteoporosis
  • You feel Happier!

So, a short walk (30 minutes) in a group has many positives. Check out the evidence in the British Journal of Sports Medicine study.

Curious about what can happen on a very long walk?

The Camino

A few years ago, a friend walked the El Camino de Santiago de Compostela (The Way of St James). This journey was a 520-mile (838 KM) walk across Spain, from St Jean Pied de Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Why did she do it?

Her life was in a rut. She had just separated from her boy friend. She was unhappy with work and was looking for purpose to her life.

What did she learn?

She learned a pilgrimage on the Camino has three parts

The first part…

..begins in the foothills of the Pyrenees in France.

The start seemed easy.

She thought “it’s all-downhill!” Unexpectedly, my friend learned about her body. She said that “Every muscle, every fibre, and every cell hurt. I would wake up hurting, I walk all day hurting, and I went to bed hurting. However, each day I found that I could keep going and I walked another 20km.” It’s at this point she looked in her backpack and asked do I really need:

  • The hair straightener?
  • The shampoo AND conditioner (time to try a 2-in-1)?
  • That book I never have time to read?


The second part…

…is across the northern plains of Spain.

This part was simply walking along the long, straight, flat road.

It was just her and the road, mile after mile. It was at this point my friend looked inwards. She had empted her backpack now it was time to empty her mind. She asked herself the hard questions:

  • What regrets do I carry?
  • What resentments do I carry?
  • Who am I?
  • What do I want to be?

The third part…

After nearly 450 miles, she found the road was all-uphill to the city of Santiago de Compostela.

However, she did not find it hard. She said it was an awakening. In those two days of walking uphill, she found the new her.

She left England and her job soon after returning from the walk. Last time I heard from her, she was educating street children in India and loving every minute of it!

Is it time for you to find a new direction?

This National Walking Month you could go on a long walk like the El Camino de Santiago de Compostela to find the new you or you could take a short walk to The Stepping Stones Project to see the amazing therapies we offer. We will have you looking and feeling great in no time.

I trust I will be seeing you soon!