Intuitive Lifestyle Coaching

with Nosheen Rana
Phone: 07827 258 752
Say what you pay: £75 (concessions £45)

What is intuitive life-style coaching?

The nature of each session is highly individual but the objective of intuitive life-style coaching is to help you to release negative patterns from the initial session. It involves working with the energy you project and asking questions for you to examine your concerns from a different perspective. What intuitive life-style coaching will do is prompt thoughts within you for you to reconnect with your true self by releasing blockages that are holding you back from everything that you truly want but are afraid to get. Recognising your issues, strengths and weaknesses is the first step to wholeness and changing what you project out into the world. It can be uncomfortable at first to recognise weaknesses within us but it’s necessary for healing and highly important for creating what matters.

What can you expect from intuitive life-style coaching session?

The sessions are there to point out what we cannot recognise for ourselves and to introduce new habits, thoughts and beliefs that support the life that you want to live. It will prompt different perspective throughly questions which I will ask from reading the energy you project. The session will include meditation, yoga and colour therapy as healing tools that can also be used between sessions. I strongly feel that reconnecting to our inner voice we grow more confident because we hold our power when we make choices in life, therefore it is essential to remove the blockages that are putting us on a different life path than the one we wish to be on. It is all about being clear on what we want and what we don’t want.