Free Introductory Talk on the Classical Buteyko Method

Decades of research led Professor K. P. Buteyko to discover the underlying cause of chronic health problems. He developed an approach to retraining breathing that reverses 200+ chronic symptoms such as asthma, anxiety, allergies, ADHD, depression, eczema, migraine, insomnia, fatigue, diabetes, emphysema, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, insomnia, sleep apnoea, weight problems etc. This approach, known as the Classical Buteyko Method, influences cardiac activity as well as the vascular, hormonal, nervous, immune, digestive and respiratory systems.

For those that are interested, the Method also reduces reliance on symptomatic medications, improves physical, mental and sporting performance, and profoundly elevates yoga asana and meditation practices.

Christopher Drake, the first “Western Practitioner” to receive practitioner diploma qualifications from Professor Buteyko, has taught over 20,000 students and specializes in the most complex health problems including autoimmune disorders such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue.

Our Senior Buteyko Consultant is Vladimir Sukhonosov Ph.D. He started working with Professor Buteyko in 1979 and has the distinction of receiving both a Practitioner Diploma and an Audit Diploma, issued by Professor Buteyko, authorizing him to check the work of other practitioners. He has since taught over 30,000 people. Vladimir specializes in severe systemic disorders, cardio vascular problems and in the training of practitioners.

The Facilitator will talk about her experience of learning the Buteyko Method to reverse her own chronic symptoms and observing other students under the supervision of our senior practitioners, Vladimir and Christopher. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and measure your breathing!

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