Party in the Park Competition Winners

Winners Names: Multi-bed Acupuncture Treatment 1, the winner is…….  Rich Springer Multi-bed Acupuncture Treatment 2, the winner is……. Roland Boehmer Sports Massage from Mel, the winner is……. Marie Claire Porter Sports or Deep Tissue or Myofascial release from Rachel, the winner is……. Nicole Bremner Pulsing treatment from Kryspin, 1, the winner is……. Mina Koldas Pulsing treatment from Kryspin, … Read more

Look after yourself naturally during the summer holiday season

Aromatherapy applications for the summer Summer is almost at its peak and with holidays fast approaching, here are some holistic tips for you! Some of the typical summer complaints include overexposure to the sun, sweating, heat rash, sunburn, bee stings, bug bites, allergies and tiredness. Although many of us are well aware of the above … Read more