Miso Soup with Ginger and Watercress

In this season of turbulent weather it is useful to eat warm cooked foods to strengthen your immune system and nourish your qi. If you feel yourself coming down with those tell tale early cold symptoms treat yourself to a bowel of Miso Soup with Ginger, Spring Onion and Watercress. to open the exterior and … Read more

Party in the Park Competition Winners

Winners Names: Multi-bed Acupuncture Treatment 1, the winner is…….  Rich Springer Multi-bed Acupuncture Treatment 2, the winner is……. Roland Boehmer Sports Massage from Mel, the winner is……. Marie Claire Porter Sports or Deep Tissue or Myofascial release from Rachel, the winner is……. Nicole Bremner Pulsing treatment from Kryspin, 1, the winner is……. Mina Koldas Pulsing treatment from Kryspin, … Read more

The Marvels of Massage

By Melanie Grundmann I am sure everyone knows that a massage relaxes the body and mind, but there are lots more benefits to it… more and less common ones. This is not a summary of all the benefits of massage, but a brief collection of the good that can be done with it. Did you … Read more

Self-Care for Tight & Tense Muscles

Many clients ask me what they can do to help manage or prevent muscles becoming tight and “knots” forming. The answer is plenty! After a massage treatment I always give aftercare advice to help clients get the most out of their treatment. There’s lots of things you can do at home even if you haven’t … Read more

Things we LOVE & Recommend: Boho Chic Retreats

Boho Chic Retreats are for the free spirited yogis among us that are connected to themselves and nature, know what’s good for them and don’t let situations or circumstances hold them back from experiencing the good things in life. Part boho-part chic, our ethos is to combine the luxuries and romance of a rural retreat- … Read more

Love Health 2013 – Prize Winners

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Love Health event on 13th October. We had a fantastic day, I know many people enjoyed the taster reflexology & hot stone massage treatments as well as talking about the fabulous healthy therapies and offers we have on at The Stepping Stones Project, in the Crypt … Read more

"Acupuncture during pregnancy was amazing… each trimester is a different… during the first I needed energy and help with the sickness, during the second I had a rash, during the third I was suffering from pelvic problems and insomnia and the extra weight... the personal, friendly and detailed individual approach was so beneficial to me. I feel like it paid a huge part in my well-being over the 9 months… thank you, Amelia.”


I had been suffering from a severe and unexplained break out of hives for over two weeks, when a friend recommended Stepping Stones to me. The hives had been so bad that they covered my face and body and I had been back and forth to the doctors with no luck; none of the medication they gave me worked and it was getting worse. When I came to Stepping Stones I had never had acupuncture before and didn't know what to expect. But the space was clean and relaxing and Amelia was very kind and welcoming and put me at ease straight away. After just one session at the multi-bed clinic the hives went down 50% by the following day, and then continued to consistently fade away over the next two days. I then had one more session, and the following day they were completely gone! I feel so happy and grateful to have found Stepping Stones and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Thanks so much Amelia.


I came to Stepping Stones after a long period of sleeplessness and general fatigue. After one session I already feel significantly energised and rejuvenated - my skin is glowing and I have slept better than I have in weeks! The clinic is serene and comfortable and the perfect place to enjoy treatment. I would highly recommend incorportating acupuncture at Stepping Stones into any plan to live a happy and healthy life

CA, London

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all for the treatment (and warm welcomes and cups of tea) you've given me over the last few months.

I think that as is the case with many symptoms unease, brought about due to imbalances in the body, the signs and symptoms appear gradually and over a period of time, and likewise do not just tend disappear over night. Having said that I feel that the course of acupuncture I've received has been of great benefit, and there are subtle improvements and changes in my general wellbeing which I can say the treatment, at the very least, played some part in bringing about.

M, London

I was first attracted to the Stepping Stones project when my husband found the card in the church. The very cleverly designed card was telling me of affordable acupuncture, with the added bonus of being very near to my home. When I first phoned for an appointment I felt encouraged by the friendly voice of Amelia.

On my first visit Stacey interviewed me most sympathetically, I immediately felt safe. Although the space is rather small they create a comfortable atmosphere, the room is warm and privacy is always maintained with the use of towels and screens.

I have had many treatments, they are always helpful, and it is so nice to be able to complain about pain knowing they will be understanding and can offer relief. Once the needles are in place, privacy and comfort is ensured, the wonderful warming lamp and the quiet allows for deep relaxation.

I am happy to recommend Stepping Stones to anyone, I have already informed several friends.

Pat, De Beauvoir

I’d thought about acupuncture before, but had never been able to afford it. My experience here has been very positive – it’s inclusive and relaxed. The treatments are enjoyable and, over time, the process has made a definite difference in my life. The diet and lifestyle advice, which goes with the acupuncture itself, would also have been unavailable elsewhere, and support with my nutrition in particular has been really good in helping me make changes beyond the treatments.

D, 28 London