Anja Schall

Phone: 07812160066

I am approaching my first ten years of teaching Pilates, a movement system I love and truly believe in. I have ventured away from the classical Pilates style a very long time ago. I teach a mix of my own and the ‘evolved repertoire’, a style that for me has moved on with time and takes into account the current knowledge, functionality and science of the body. I’m fascinated by the latest research in fascia and functional pathways of the body and bring these into my classes but foremost I work with the person in front of me.

I have a passion for working in women’s health; during pregnancy, the postnatal years, menopause and beyond. I am also a teacher trainer in Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates.
I have recently trained with the wonderful Carolyne Anthony of the Centre for Women’s Fitness in the ‘Centre Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery’, ‘Support your Floor’ and her ‘Pilates for Menopause Programme’ and over many years now I have gathered experiences in remedial Pilates, teaching clients with hypermobility and HMS, breast cancer, disc injuries, osteoporosis, scoliosis, back pain, Parkinsons, sports injuries etc.

I am a member and have trained through the Pilates Foundation.
Hana Jones, Susanne Lahusen and Sonia Noonan were my teachers in Pilates Matwork in 2007 at London Contemporary Dance School; Rachel Rafiefar/ The Thoughtful Body Ltd in Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates in 2009 and I have had the pleasure to train in the Pilates Studio Equipment (Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Dance in 2010) and work alongside Jessica Moolenaar of Mindful Pilates during my matwork course and as her Assistant Director of her Matwork Teacher Training course in 2013/14.

I have a teaching and professional training background in Contemporary Dance and I have been part of a team of dance artists teaching for the Trinity Laban / Vital Arts partnership, working in collaboration with paediatric physiotherapists and play specialists on the children wards of the Royal London Children’s Hospital offering a dance and creative movement programme. I have also been involved in projects at the Mile End Hospital working with older adults in collaboration with physiotherapists and occupational therapists.