Multibed Clinic

In our multibed clinic sessions you are treated in the room at the same time as others. We’ll have a chat with you to see how things are going and then get you comfortable and start the treatment. Whilst you are relaxing with the needles in place we’ll move on to the next patient and so on.

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The overall aim of the multi-bed sessions are to make acupuncture affordable and accessible to everyone. By treating more patients at the same time it allows us to lower the cost of treatments. Which in the end works for you as you can come for the number of treatments that you need and get better results.

Say what you pay…

Yes – you get to choose how much you pay for each session. This means that you can budget for your treatment over a period of weeks. Some weeks you may have a little more available and can pay more, others weeks things might be a bit tight. We don’t ask for proof of income and it is totally up to you how much you pay.

Our multibed session prices are from £25-£50.

Oh and if you can afford to pay more it really helps us along, it allows us to offer free or even lower cost treatments as part of our volunteer scheme for those people who really can’t afford to come for treatment and they really appreciate your generosity in helping.

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